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Board Of Director Minutes


July 2016

In attendance:
Ronnie Shapiro Nan Siegler
Emily Hallock Bill Muscara
Jim Kohlman Ken Korb

Smithtown Music Festival wants a list of Blues Society members so they can check for membership when people come to pay the entry fee. Their festival was funded with a grant.
The canopy for the tables is broken but can be held together with plastic ties. The tables are still okay.

89 North Blues Night with John Judd and Warpaint, Chrissie O'Dell and the nakes Saints and the Sean Chambers Band 7/1

Hats and t shirts ordered. T shirts were able to be put into a format the printer could use, supplied by Nancy Bahnsen. The year was taken off the Tees to make it more saleable. Pin logo is on the front of shirt and Ken's artwork is on the back. LIBS in border is on the hats.

Bill's Moving To Vegas party: 7/23 at the Viking. Unanimous vote. $10 at door. Wristbands. Cover back door for people looking to beat the cover.

Redo application for the Blues Challenge which will be held 9/10, Saturday afternoon, at Katies in Smithtown.
(1) Board members may not compete in the IBC Blues Challenge. Seconded and all in favor/unanimously passed.
(2) Board members do not play at any sponsored LIBSNY gigs that are paid or unpaid. Seconded and all in favor/unanimous.

Ronnie Shapiro will take over BillFoolery and it will be called Bluesgroupie. She already has her .com website

June 2016

In attendance:
Jim Kolman
Bill Muscara
Ronnie Shapiro Quorum established
Emily Hallock
Nan Siegler

Pins are on order
Hats are on order
$600 for hats and pins
Tee shirts are not on order; format not located. Date will be removed from Tees
When they come in, staple one to a board and display
(For Bills sendoff we tossed around "Bet It All/Sleep In The Hall" since he's moving to Vegas.
Sendoff party for Bill at the Viking 7/23 Saturday night
Fundraiser; 50/50 for Bill $10 suggested. 50% to band/50% to Bill
Compile a list of players to ask: Andy Aledort/John Hensler/Donny Celenza/Sweet Suzi/Gary Sellers/Pam Dixon/Brother Dave/Schroeders' Ghost/Doghouse Blues Band and the list goes on....

Dan Welsh/89 North
July 1st
John Judd and Warpaint
Chrissie O'Dell and the Naked Saints
Sean Chambers Band

Bill sent Russell info about "AdSense" Artwork is included here(putting things in the correct format). Russell writes code.
"Gooey tool" allows you to add info and data but would cement us to Go Daddy and is not transferable, much like info is not transferable now

Link newsletter to events page. List a blues friendly jam for everyday in Nassau and Suffolk with the emphasis on members of the Blues Society.

Need new business cards
Need new membership cards
Vista print would be the way to go

Bill will work the booth 7/9 at Smithtown Blues Festival(along with?)
Event 7/10 89 North

Pam Betti suggested a Halloween Event @ Rudi's/Patchogue. Fundraiser. 3+ bands.
Blues Challenge Beginning of Sept @ Katies?
Talk w/ Brian
Maybe August 28th Sunday day event

August 21st Blockfest. Booth personnel..........myself and........

Chrissie O'Dell is opening 8/14 in Hecksher park, Huntington, for...........?

Eric Fieldstadt will be retiring in 2 months and then will be able to attend board meetings and functions

Storage facility; Jim will buy shelves for storage unit. Still renting a unit and have not been there since equipment was transferred to this location. Pa we have must be traded in for something else or sold for whatever we can get.

Russell Alexander on tour in England. Why do we not have his CD? Doe Doc Blues have one?

Bill Foolery (Bill) will email all his contacts lists to Jim Kolman before he leaves NY

Mazury event. Who does Tom Conti have playing besides Johnny Mac?

May 2016

Quorum NOT established

In attendance

Jim Kolman
Nan Siegler
Ronnie Shapiro
Emily Hallock

Eric Fieldstadt
Ken Korb
Russell Alexander
Bill Muscara

hats: We can order 2 different colors, 25 of each. Blue and Tan. With embroidery. LIBS guy as a banner across the front. A structured hat is better than non-structured. LIBS guy with a border around him? In gold? Also Business cards/website. Printer will ask for correct (?spelling) Korrel format. Nancy Bahnsen may be able to advise here.
$5.99/our cost; sell for $20. $300 plus shipping (can we get free shipping?) "LIBS" on front, (like "ATF") and on back, "Protecting the Blues".

With regard to the automatic enrollment via PayPal some members were experiencing; PayPal never let the transactions to go through so we lost nothing in refunding to members because PayPal charges for refunds. Emily stopped the automatic renewal from ever happening again.

New Membership cards/business cards. Instead of cardboard, maybe like a Metrocard?
Long Island Blues Society New York with logo on one side. LIBSNY.com Maybe scannable app on card which would have personal information embedded in it. Nancy Bahnsen may have an app to forward to Jim.

Tee shirts. Bundle w/ hats? The guy is in Merrick. Ken Korb artwork in etching kind of style. 2 color imprint on front and back. Ken needs to find out what tee colors are available to the printing colors can be selected. $120.00 set up. $8.49 each; more than 84, $6.69 each. We also need more brochures.

What night to meet? Stick w/ Tuesdays night for now. No quorum this month so schedule for festivals is not yet available. Send out meeting invites one week in advance.

Vail Levitt benefit /for the East End Disabilities group featuring Pam Betti Band and 45 RPM. Sunday 5/22 6pm. $45 per person; $80 per couple. Finger foods.

Hitman CD release party. Will post this to LIBS pages. (Russell is a member) 5/26 at Treme followed by the monthly Jam.
Valerie Levine CD release party cannot be posted since Valerie is not a member.

Blues challenge 3rd weekend in August? 14th or 21st?
Send out schedule to Board.



April 2016

In attendance
Ronnie Shapiro
Bill Muscara
Emily Hallock
Jim Kohman
Russell Alexander
Ken Korb
Nan Siegler

Pins and Hats
-single color w/ 1 color embroidery
-put date/year somewhere in logo; becomes more collectible
-pin blue lighter and red darker (pantones/colors)
-baseball cap sample to be requested
-polyester? 2 colors and 1 color embroidery. Colors to be determined. Blue and some other color
-new membership card needed
-same card/different logo
-changing website to libsny.org; use this for logo?
-logo on hat needs a border/all in agreement

We have a new a storage space. Snare and case lost.

Festival dates:
Other Act 1 events
Full list will be sent out to get board coverage at booth

What is the Blues Society here to do and how would it move forward?
What can be done to promote acoustic events? Help and art/tee shirt logos "Still love the Blues" with note and ticket attached
Design in 2 colors + color of shirt We will get quotes. Gilden pre-shrunk 50/50
Standard colors less expensive than customer colors/colors to be picked from vendor color list
Small logo on front and large logo on back?

Storage unit needs 18" shelving to get items off the cement floor; 10' high x 5'x5', 36" door
6 mike stands/mikes/drums minus snare and cymbals/2 guitar amps/1 bass amp/storage bins of merch/event stuff plus PA/3 tables/tent
Paypal concerns automatically renewing members/showed up as a purchase. Problem w/ database and payments. Had to manually go in and delete people (27) and Pay[al charges to refund people
Add to website mailing list/change Paypal logo to "Join us" link to another page (to subscription service) w/ annual subscription "so you never miss an event". Annual subscription would have to be "clicked on" to be acknowledged.
Via webpage & get a receipt so they can get their pin or whatever item

How to add "ads" to generate income? Revenue stream/attracting people to site needed. How much traffic does website get to determine whether what the revenue stream would be. "Mail chip"?

Newsletter font will get smaller as events get further away.
Group photo on webpage/Meet the board

Will advertise any event when 3 bands are paying and one is a blues band
Library events Pay! Synagouges, Nursing Homes, Workshops (keyboard, harmonica, beginner/advanced/jam, singer/songwriting) How much would they cost? Harmonica Society, Bluegrass Society, etc
Family based events
Acoustic night @ Eastport Lucheonette
Acoustic night 1x/month

March 2016

In attendance:
Jim Kohlman
Emily Hallock
Ronnie Shapiro
Bill Muscara
Russell Alexander
Nan Siegler

Meeting & elections 7pm Treme/Islip. Russell holds a monthly jam there the last Thursday of every month; elections will be held before jam begins. Must be present to vote. Or request absentee ballot from Jim which must be emailed back to him
-2 mailings will be set up. If an email containing a ballot is not received, you are not a member.
-discussion of posting in "info"
-"Auto renew"
-must be postmarked by 3/26 to be a valid vote
-mailbox set up as "Board" instead of elections
-set up mailbox for events instead of using "info"

Memorial gig for FL Lombardo @ Bobbique; Eylse agreed. A Band Called Sam to open then open jam for all musicians who played with FL. Russell to Emcee event?
Blues Society event @ 89 North; Johnny Mac Band, Lex Grey and the Urban Pioneers, Nick Moss Band
(-if it is in the newsletter, it ought to be on the front page of the LIBS Site)
Big Daddy cancer fundraiser @ 89 North; Sweet Suzi, Jeff Regan and others. LIBS will advertise this event. Raffles, 50/50.Maybe do a membership drive there w/ a booth and a $5 doscount off membrship & a pin
Keb Mo @ The Space in Westbury--in newsletter

Backline equipment. Find new location. Sell the PA & get a new one. Whatever we can get for it. We need $600 for a new PA. PA components need to less than 50#.
Missing a snare
2 broken cymbals and no high hat

Ways to generate income:
-Welcome back from Memphis Bobby and Joanne Nathan with Johnny Mac Band maybe @ Brush Barn. Can outside be used as part of the venue? Sometime in June?

Booth events
-new cards and new pins
-forget tees, consider baseball caps or cowboy hats. Check pricing difference and cost to print. Band around the brim saying LIBS.
-cost for more than 1 color

Selling banner space on our website. Google ads? Relevant ads? How much would they generate?
-contents stagnant aside from links to band web pages
-how much traffic does the LIBS site get versus Facebook page
-try to get venues to advertise their calendars or put up a venue page

Who will work the upcoming festivals?
6/5 Blockfest
7/9 Smithown Historical Society

Board members need to attend at least 2 events to retain board status

Exchanging of board phone numbers


Long Island Blues Society meeting minutes  1/5/16 7pm  Sachem Public Library Meeting Room

In attendance: Russell Alexander, Bill Muscara, Jim Kohlman, Ronnie Shapiro, Emily Hallock, Nan Siegler
Missing: Eric Fieldstadt

Board wishes to recognize 2 new members in attendance: John Laguzzi and Michael Dickson
Board will vote on accepting last meetings' minutes after a revision is made

Board recognizes a need for a grant writer. Grants needed to fuel Society's funds, like the January 23rd fundraiser at KJ Farrells which is for the IBC kickoff.
     -Kerry Kearney is bringing a guitar for all to sign and raffle off
     -what merch can LIBS sell to be profitable? Not tees. 

Venue needed for afternoon event in March. Perhaps call it the Cabin Fever Party.
     -Napper Tandy/Smithtown
     -club that has a separate room so our event does not inhibit clubs' regular crowd. 

Festivals we are at during the year--eyes on future events
     -Great South Bay
     - Cedar beach Blues Festival
     -Mazury Blues and Brews
     -Smithtown Historical Society
     -volunteers needed for all events to work booth

Nomination Meeting
     -Vice president and Treasurer positions should run concurrently as President and Secretary should run concurrently and voting for these positions should be on alternate years
     -Jim Kohlman nominated Bill Muscara for VP/board in favor
     -Jim Kohlman nominated Emily Hallock for treasurer/board in favor
     -3 other positions to fill; Secretary and 2 board positions
     -President nominates Ken Korb for Board/board in favor
     -President nominates Ronnie Shapiro for board/board in favor
     -President nominates Nan Siegler for Secretary/board in favor     
     -All nominees accepted to board.

President has put it to the board the our by-laws need to be revised. Some language needs to be changed . There needs to be 2 read throughs by the board before the revised by-laws can go out to the Society membership. Revisions need to be made before ballots for voting can go out.

Art person needed to submit designs for pins, hats, tees. For tees small logo on R front breast and larger design on back.
Like a "Golden ticket to the Blues" with a golden ticket on breast area and larger design on back. Ask for sunmissions---ot a contest.

Ken Korb wants to run a monthly acoustic event with a featured artist. Events to be held at Ken's house. 
     -discussed was "cross-pollenating" blues events with those of the Folk Music Society, the Roots Music Society, Long Island Harmonica Club, Bluegrass Music Society (Buddy Merriam) and the Finger Picking Music Group (Dan Doll), NY Roots Music (Mark Mancini)
     -John Laguzzi would be happy to approach the Islip Horsemen's Association to see if they have interest in opening an event for us.

What is going on with ASCAP/BMI and cabaret licensing on Long Island
     -all club owner need to have a cabaret license in Nassau County/Suffolk County clubs are also needing a license

Other events LIBS would like to be involved with
     -Tuesday evening blues show on WUSB with Kenny Hahn and Joe Vignola--they will need some volunteers for their fund drive

LIBS needs to have more multi-band events, not single band events
     -softball event
     -fishing event
     -our own Blues Cruise

1st Sunday in August is International Blues Music Day. We should do our own event on this day. Call Johnny Childs?


Long Island Blues Society meeting minutes  12/23/15 7pm  Sachem Public Library Meeting Room

In attendance:
Russell, Eric, Ronnie, Emily, Jim, Nan
Review of previous months' (November) minutes could not be done because Nan forgot to bring them. There was no meeting on December 1st.
Holiday Party 12/29

3 bands responded
Black Petals
George Bostick and the R & B Express
Dan Laforge Trio/4 piece
We will draw names out of a hat to select the time slots
Dan LaForge 7-7:45
George Bostick 8-8:45
Black Petals 9-9:45
4 slots open; the last one left open for a possible jam at the end of the evening
drum kit needed for backline; need access to Bill's storage unit in BayShore and as of 12/23, he has not responded as to when we can pick the kit up. Jim and Russell will provide backline.
Food. Ordering (3) 6' heroes; 1 Italian, 1 American, 1 Veggie. And all the salads. Mac, Slaw, Potato, Pasta. Emily is ordering food.
It was decided that the bands will be given LIBS pins and band memberships.

Compilation Album--Russell Alexander

-has received only 6-7 responses. We were hoping for 12-13
-bands asking for details about criteria
-quality of already recorded material must be deemed acceptable or it will have to be re-recorded
-Jim Sabella is offering his studio to record bands who wish to submit songs not already recorded
-cost of being on the compilation is $100/2 songs.
-We agree CD is the way to go instead of digital. Digipak less expensive than jewel case. Find where price break is to evaluate actual cost to produce. Give bands 10 discs each for self-promotion.
-Age of music debated. Current music preferred though songs written and recorded within the last 4-5 years will be considered as long as the quality of the recording is deemed acceptable.
-Preference would be given to bands who record with Jim Sabella since the quality of his work is above average
-Blind survey to be done on pre-recorded material to deem what is acceptable and what needs to be re-recorded with Jim Sabella
-Now that criteria is set Russell will be able to reply to bands interested in submitting songs for the compliation with the criteria involved. Blind survey date needs to be set.

E-mail blast.

Keep current events at the top. Due to party being half-way through the E-mail blast, people may not have scrolled far enough to see there was a Holiday Party.

Board meetings

Wait till after March elections to determine which night of the week the monthly board meetings will be held.

End of minutes 12/23/15


Long Island Blues Society meeting minutes  10/6/15 7pm  Sachem Public Library Meeting Room

In attendance:
James Kolman P
Bill Muscara VP
Russel Alexander Board
Eric Feldstadt Board

Chairpersons in attendance

Mark Klein Judging/Contest
Emily Hallock Finance
Members attending by invitation
Nan Siegler (P)
Ronnie Shapiro(P)

Frank Lombardo (P)


Meeting called to order with four of five available voting officers.  A quorum declared. 


Forgo previous meeting minutes from September. None presented or available.

Motions submitted and seconded to accept resignations of Marie, Frank, Zen and Rob.
Passed by unanimous vote in favor of all motions.

Motions to fill resigned positions per bylaws to end of term.  All motions submitted and seconded.

Nan Siegler--accept position as Board member
Emily Hallock--accept Board position in addition to chair of finance.
Ronnie Shapiro--accept position as Board member

All motions passed by unanimous vote in favor of all motions.

Nan Siegler-- Motion submitted and seconded to offer Nan Siegler executive position of secretary.  Accepted by Nan.

Motion passed by unanimous vote in favor.

Mark Klein--Chair of Judges  - Chair Presentation
Motion to accept all IBC judge score sheets and tally of chair.
Motion to confirmed scores are not shared/divulged except copy to each band . (SECY)

Motion to accept qualified winners-

All motions submitted and seconded - passed by unanimous vote in favor of all motions.

Motion to accept winners and submissions for the Memphis IBC.
The Johnny Mac Band--band
Joanne and Bobby Nathan--duo

Accepted Submissions
Rt 111 youth band.
KBA Doc blues

CD submissions open until 10/15. 
Motion all current CD Submissions vetted and accepted.

All motions submit and seconded - passed by unanimous vote in favor of all motions.
Cd judge score sheets expected postmarked by Oct 21 to LIBS PO box for tally and Submission to IBC.

Frank Lombardo - Member Presentation
Frank requested attendance to represent Blues Society members' concerns about LIBS procedures including eligibility requirements of competitors and how they are vetted and accepted by the LIBS board and the application of the by-laws in this process.  Recommended review for amendments to replace "shall" in the bylaws as unclear legal jargon.  Advises follow up on any suspect actions or procedures contrary to or in violation of the bylaws.

Point of clarification- amendments can be filed by any persons that are member in good standing as defined in the bylaws.

Motion to nominate Frank Lombardo as Chairperson of By-Laws Committee

Motion submitted and seconded - passed by unanimous vote in favor of all motions.

*The appointments, successions and IBC entrants submitted to the Board were handled and administered properly" - FL

Motions to confirm particulars of IBC fundraisers and festival events.

October 11th IBC Fundraiser  At Sunset Grille, Massapequa. Event coordinated by Bill Muscara and Johnny Mac
Ronnie and Joan will cover the door and raffle functions.  Bill coordinates backline w Johnny.

Oct 17/18--Cedar Beach Festival in Sayville.  Event coordinator Emily Hallock

Booth form submitted to CBMF
> The Blues Society agrees to sell all music participants CDs and tees.
> We will sell any member or festival merchandise.  Member/Artist/Festival must pick up merch/sales receipts by the end of the festival.

Nov 8 IBC fundraiser - Event Coordinator Bill Muscara
Blue roots confirmed.

January 23 2016 IBC Sendoff Party- KL Farrels Belmore Event coordinator Jim Kolman

Motion to accept acts and MC Mark Klein
> Route 111
> Kerry Kearney Band
> Chrissie O'Dell and her band
> Johnny Mac Band

> Holiday Party @ Shakers in Oakdale
> 12/29-the Tuesday after Christmas w food drive. Event coordinator not named.

All motions submit and seconded - passed by unanimous vote in favor of all motions.

End of voted decisions.

remainder is optional to membership but needed by board------------------------------------------------------------

Motions in discussion/New Motions

PA status
Holiday party



As recorded by Robert von Bernewitz - Secretary

Minutes for L.I.B.S. Board Meeting 09/09/15

In attendance: Jim K, Eric F, Bill. M, Rob von B, Mark Kline.

1. Discussion and vote to change meeting to Tuesday nights.

2. Vote to Jim to get LIBS bass amp fixed and spend up to $500.00

3. Discussion and vote to send Bob. P. an email to get L.I.B.S. PA system from him and store it in the L.I.B.S. locker.

4. Bill M. appointed coordinator of venues for fundraisers.

5. Discussion and vote to have Mike Belajonas as a judge.

6. Rob. V.B. - To find emcee for IBC event.

7. Eric F. to chair Blue Angel awards.

8. Previous to meeting. Mark Kline appointed to chair judging committee for IBC event in 2015.

9. Previous to meeting. Rob V.B. - to chair vetting Committee for entrants of IBC competition.

Minutes for LIBS Meeting 8/12/15

1. Blues Challenge discussion.

2. Vote to approve Mark Klein to chair the Judging Committee  for the LIBS IBC competition. Approved by board.

3. LIBS Board can over ride Marks picks by simple majority. Approved by board.

4. Bill Foolery will work Massury estate for at least 1/2 day. Jim will make arrangements for others to cover.

5. General discussion on CD submissions. Mark Klein to judge.

6. 2nd IBC fundraiser to be in October.

7. Discussion on logo design contest. Marie to let us know decision to chair committee.

Meeting 6/10/2015

In attendance - Russell, Zenbock, Eric, Jim, Rob.

1. Discussion on Tee Shirt website size order issues.

2. Discussion on upcoming festivals that we will be concentrating on and festivals that we are not having a presence. Festivals we will be at include: Blockfest, Smithtown Blues Festival, Cedar Beach Blues/Music Festival, Masurey Estate. Will not be at Great South Bay due to manpower issues for four days. Emily has two volunteers for Blockfest table. Need to get confirmation on board member attendance for upcoming festivals.

3. Discussion on whether board members should be allowed to compete in Memphis Blues Challenge. Various differing opinions - no formal decision.

4. Preliminary talk on upcoming Memphis Blues Challenge in September.

5. Vote to have Emily Hallock chair/lead the Financial committee. Unanimous approval

Meeting 5/13/15
In attendance - Jim, Marie, Bob, Bill, Frank, Rob, Zen, Russell

1. General discussion of Rules, Laws, Website Domains.

2. Discussion of LIBS supporting Bobby Nathan's Jam on Wednesdays at BBQ's starting June 6th.

3. Discussion on making flyers for upcoming events to place in the venue. 11 X 14 size or Larger. Starting with Keith's event 6/14/15

4. Roundtable agreement on raising membership fee $5.00 across the board with the exception of Corporate rates.

5. Discussion to continue to support Frank Latorre's jams at Treme on Thursdays.

6. Discussion to give out pins with mailing membership cards that can be redeemed in person at an event for a tee shirt. This will save on mailing costs.

7. Discussion on two sided tee shirts. Will find out cost and order.

8. Members will get a 5% discount at Suffolk Theater Shows

9. Discussion about LIBS not appearing at Great South Bay Blues Festival

Minutes for LIBS meeting 4/8/15
In attendance James K, Rob V.B., Keith M, Marie V, Bob P, Zenbock, Russell A, Eric F, Bill M, Frank P.
1. Introduction of new board members. Brief bio's of entire board
2. Former President Bob Paolucci was offered and accepted a position on the BOD. Unanimous approval vote.
3. Discussion to put minutes on website. Russell to do it
4. LIBS to promote Charity events and Festivals of three or more bands that has member affiliation.
5. Calendar of upcoming events discussion for 2015 and beyond.
6. Discussion of Keith's possible event at Connelly's
7. Vacant treasurer issue discussion. To be continued at next scheduled meeting.
8. Agreement to buy 4 dozen shirts size L and Xl for merchandise availability.

9. Gentleman's and woman's agreement for board members not to accept Grand Prize, 50/50 and baskets. Tweeking is needed on 50/50 and baskets on next regularly scheduled meeting